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VFSW Bungle with ?mumber 8

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VFSW Bungle with ?mumber 8
VFSW Bungle with ?mumber 8

VFSW Bungle with ?mumber 8

Item #: BR-156-RN8-114


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Size: 12.5mm

This item will be only one.

As we sell at store, it may be sold out even if we purchase.

-What is LFC?

LFC (Lowry Family Collection) is selling high quality jewelries produced by Joe Dan Lowry, the world’s leading authority on turquoise. He supervises and grades a lot of museum materials on turquoise (Heard Museum, Smithsonian Museum, San Diego Museum of man etc.). Also, he presides Turquoise Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.LFC produces turquoise jewelries with artists having technique of excellence and sells them. Price is appropriate for its carat, grade, or lapidary work of artists.

LFC uses the turquoise Joe Dan well selected and issues LFC-proprietary expert evidence and warranty only for the products produced by jewelry artists who agree with Joe Dan’s intent. Since He’s expert evidence and warranty are only issued for LFC, we are able to clearly distinguish LFC jewelries from others.

Joe Dan produced LFC to set a standard of turquoise, which hadn’t existed before. He hopes that turquoise will be used and recognized more not only as American casual items but also as other fashion’s ones.

?mumber 8

Native of Carlin, Nevada


Mining began in 1929 and closed in 1976.


Most in the market are pale blue, and the grade goes up when the blue gets darker.

The highest quality turquoise had been found in the No. 8th mining area, and this is named after the story.

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