T-Shirt (Black)

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T-Shirt (Black)

T-Shirt (Black)

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For this season, we produce our new line of T-shirts by collaborating with JELADO for the shirt, and the print is designed by Shakin' Speed Graphix.


The torso part of the shirt adopted circular knitting, which was popular back in old days. That creates a seamless torso that produces a unique vintage-like wearing experience. 

The fabric of the torso is binded between stetchy neck bands to prevent stretching and adding extra durability.

Black shirts are all piece-dyed, in order to protect the fabric from damaging.

We even made a special mottle yarn for this shirt because there was no such thing made with #14 strings.

All of those our obsessions to the details contribute to make this shirt very special. Please try our new T-shirt, and experience the difference. We made them with our wish to create a high quality but affordable shirt.    


Printed drawing of a bow and an arrow is designed by the master pinstriper Mr.Shimizu of Shakin' Speed Graphix who also designed the sign of both First Arrow's Kyoto store and First Arrow's Fukuoka store. We consider this shirt as a piece of art. 

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