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Item #: Cleaning
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【Professional cleaning】

Preference professional cleaning

Each item cleaning price (tax excluded)
All prices are per piece.

Head  1,500 yen
Chain  2,000 yen
Ring   1,500 yen
Bangle  1,500 yen
Buckle  2,000 yen
Bracelet  2,000 yen
Earring  1,000 yen
other  1,500 yen

【Professional finishing process】
Sulfide removal, magnetic polishing, buffing, ultrasonic cleaning

*【Please note】
Since it is a service only for our company's items, we may ask you to show the guarantee card, so please prepare it.
If you do not have a  guarantee card, or if customer lost, please contact the shop assistant.
Please note that we cannot support other shop’s items , including similar products.

* Large scratches cannot be removed (polishing after scratches will cause the pattern to disappear or become thinner, and in some cases the material will also become thinner and the strength will drop. We would appreciate it if you think of the scratches as an item and your memory. ) The small scratches will disappear and the luster will be like a new one.

Depending on the condition, repairs and repairs other than scratches may be charged or free of charge.
About repair, please visit our quality assurance page.

Please ship to this address.


4-31-4 Jingu-mae,Shibuya,Tokyo,150-0001,Japan


If you are interested, please contact directly managed stores or dealers nationwide....

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