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Gifts for him

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Stamp stand, arabesque carving...

  • 56,880円
  • GM-R-CUS-027

W20mm with case(JPY1300)

Arabesque ingot ring L with K1...

  • 42,060円
  • GM-R-049

Width16mm with case (JPY1,300)

Barerock ring L with K18

  • 31,260円
  • GM-R-037

Width12mm with case(JPY1,300)

Feather ring

  • 22,320円
  • GM-R-015

Width14mm with case(JPY1,300)

Feather with K18&medicine whee...

  • 48,540円
  • GM-BR-CUS-012

Embossed arabesque bungle with...

  • 60,680円
  • GM-BR-CUS-004

Hollowed out・heartfeather meta...

  • 54,300円
  • GM-P-050

40φ with Necklace Chain (50cmSizeL) & case...